Gillinson Room Project

The Gillinson Room is changing! Not quite beyond recognition but hopefully in significant and interesting ways.


Thanks to the School’s Strategic Development Fund we will be renovating the Gillinson Room and some of the surrounding corridors. We will be using the Museum collections to show off the School of PRHS (its research, teaching and museum) to students, visitors and the public. Previously the Gillinson Room displayed a number of objects from the Museum’s history of education collection and the medial collection, as well as two displays created by students who took part in history of technology modules in 2013/14. But it is due a new look.

This project will be running over the summer of 2015, and beginning last week, museum volunteers began to clear the room. The objects that were on display have been indexed and carefully packed away. The store has been tidied so we can find space for these ‘new’ objects to live. Some free standing display cases (previously used as storage space) have been brought up to the Gillinson Room from Chemistry West on a art-trolley (to some very odd looks from passers-by).

This reshuffle means that we can now have two full walls of cases in the Gillinson Room, which allows us to move the newer glass cases out of the room into other spaces.  Visitors without access to the Gillinson will be able to see more or our exciting collections more of the time.

We will be painting, moving and reshuffling over the summer, so we apologise that the Gillinson Room won’t be looking its best for a few months. But, assuming there are no disasters, it will be ready for the new academic year.


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