Almost there

The sanding and painting marathon is almost over in the Gillinson Room, with just a few stray splashes of paint to remove from the woodwork and some patches of paint to touch up were we’ve made nicks whilst joining the cases together (so they don’t land on someone’s head!)


We’ve started installing the lighting and are incredibly excited by the sheer range of colours and effects that we can create. The lighting will generally be white, so the true colour and textures of the objects are visible to viewers, but if the occasion arises there are a multitude of colours and lighting effects at our disposal.


The next task (once everything is sanded to perfection again) is to wax and seal all the wood work so another few days of solid elbow grease are about to commence. Once that is done, we’ll be returning to the more fiddly jobs, such as installing locks, bolts, handles, knobs and the rest of the lighting.


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