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Big Museum Meeting tomorrow

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had good summers and are keen to get back into some museum work. There are a couple of things coming up right away. The first – sorry about the incredibly short notice – is that we are going to have a short meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 20th Sept) in the Gillinson room from 1 til 2, bringing together academics with a connection to the museum and the university’s collections, to update them with our progress and share ideas on where to go next. Here is the agenda:

1. Welcome & intro to Hidden Histories and Gillinson displays (5mins)
2. News on physics collection – work so far, news on SIS grant awarded to continue this work (5mins)
3. News on biology museum – their plans & how we can contribute, discussion on how we can learn from the experience of Liz’s work with Physics. (5mins)
4. Wax models project funded by Subject Centre grant (5mins)
5. Progress and plans for History of Education books (5mins)
6. Projects on hold – chemistry and the printing press. Ideas for how to progress (5mins)
7. Up and coming projects – the new directorship post, Bragg centenary exhibition plans, Burton gallery talk (5mins)
8. Short note on mechanical engineering (5min)
9. News from other departments/ any other business(5mins)

The other soon to happen event, is about a project involving research and conservation of our wax models collection, but more about that in a later blog.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow.
All the best,