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Embedding videos

Hi all, there are now 10 videos up on the channel.  I have to thank Dom for his Facebook publicity, which saw the number of views rocket within a couple of hours; I wonder if others might also do what they can to promote them by posting links to their chosen social networking outlets?

Secondly, could I suggest that those of us with blog posts on their objects edit those posts to embed their YouTube video into the text?  It will just pull everything together and make all our material more accessible.  See mine below.



Welcome to the HPS Museum Blog!

This is the first post of our new blog. Hopefully the blog can become our central hub for organising and communicating with each other from now on, rather than relying on group e-mails and scribbled notes.

The blog is public, so anyone can read what we write there. The idea behind this is: it could be interesting, for observers outside of the project, to be able to see the discussions and activities that go on in the development of a (still young) museum. Obviously, this won’t make e-mailing redundant, but hopefully most things can be discussed here. Making it publicly visible may also save this blog from the fate that befell our previous, private blog, which lay mostly ignored over at blogspot.

So, please do subscribe and even contribute posts of your own. Arrange meetings, distribute minutes and present materials here. Use the blog to tell us about the museum work you’re involved in, or to request advice or assistance. And advertise any interesting conferences, archives or projects you’ve come across to the rest of the group. Over time, perhaps, the blog can act as a collective memory for the museum.