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Embedding videos

Hi all, there are now 10 videos up on the channel.  I have to thank Dom for his Facebook publicity, which saw the number of views rocket within a couple of hours; I wonder if others might also do what they can to promote them by posting links to their chosen social networking outlets?

Secondly, could I suggest that those of us with blog posts on their objects edit those posts to embed their YouTube video into the text?  It will just pull everything together and make all our material more accessible.  See mine below.



Hidden Histories videos

I am pleased to announce that the first 6 videos of the project are now up on YouTube on the museum channel, and can be viewed here:


I have also made sure to put plenty of information on the channel itself.  Please leave me any feedback or comments you think relevant.

Thanks to all those who have taken part and been filmed so far, and to everyone else, I look forward to seeing you on the other side of the camera very soon.


Hidden Histories filming

Hi all, just wanted to update everyone on the filming situation; I now have the material for 6 short videos (one to two and a half minutes in length), which I shall be assembling soon.  I have Greg on the Astbury camera, Liz on the capacitor, Dom on the seeds, Rita on the educational posters, Becky on the printing press, and myself on the hygrometer.

When Mike’s back I’ll be filming him on the Newlyn-Philips machine, and Emily will be doing her short introduction, the transcript of which she has posted below.  I will then put the pieces together, edit where necessary, and we will have 8 short videos to go up on our YouTube channel.

This should be a nice project to coincide with the installation of the exhibit in the Sadler building.  If anyone has any other objects they want to do, please let me know, because I’m hoping this can be an ongoing, on-growing part of the museum which will serve to consolidate and strengthen our online presence.

UPDATE: You can view all of these 1 minute videos on our YouTube channel here.